Bemused Podcast

Director Series: Liz

November 23, 2019

Hey everyone, I know it's been a hot minute and I am sorry to have vanished on you. I wish I could say that this is me announcing the triumphant return of the Bemused Podcast, but unfortunately things are still very much in flux. I will be posting something that will explain the situation more in the future, but now just know that everyone here at Bemused very much appreciates the love and support you have shown for the project.


This episode was recorded a couple months back as part of our Utah Theater series. My good friend Liz joins me to discuss her experience on being an actor/director/mad scientist of the arts. Don't worry, it will all make sense soon. Liz is incredibly thoughtful about how she approaches her work as an artist, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in studio.  I hope you enjoy this episode and as always, thank you again for your love and support.

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